At Skatehut, we know that every rider is different. Depending on your budget, skill level, and whether you prefer to tear up the streets or spend hours practising tricks at the skate park, you require a personalised and customised scooter to keep up. The good news is our Phase Two collection can do just that. Our Phase Two scooters range includes everything you need, so you can build a bespoke scooter to suit your needs. From Phase Two decks and handle bars made from aircraft quality aluminium and chromoly, to strong but light Phase Two dirt scooter hubs and clamps, you can source everything in our online store. This includes Phase Two custom scooters that are delivered to you ready-built by our expert team and include everything from forks to grip tape. Want to invest in Phase Two? Buy online from Skatehut and choose free delivery, next day or click and collect, so you can get your scooter in a way that suits you.

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