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Nitro Circus CX3 Stunt Scooter Deluxe Bundle

This bundle has 4 products


Combined SRPs £146.80 (Save 8%!)
Product Description
  • Deck / Downtube: 482.6mm (L) x 101.6mm (W)
  • Fork: Steel Threaded Fork
  • Handlebar: Steel Bars, 457.2mm (W) x 558.8mm (L)
  • Double Clamp
  • Grips: Grip TC-G181
  • Wheels: 100mm Forged Alloy Core
  • Head Parts HIC - Cartridge Headset
  • Threaded Brake - 3 Bolt Brake
Getting bigger, getting stronger and going larger. The Nitro Circus CX3 complete scooter has just rolled into town. The bright colours and sleek design makes this an ideal first complete scooter for all you beginners and advancing scooter riders out there.
We have bundled this awesome scooter option for a younger rider together with the Nitro Circis Helmets, pad sets and the Nitro Circus Mini Launch Ramp OR Rampage Mini Launch Ramp to offer a great starter pack. Everything's here to get you starting practise ready to hit the skate park in no time!
  • Nitro Circus CX3 Complete Scooter
  • Nitro Circus Helmet
  • SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set - Black/Red
  • Nitro Circus Mini Launch Ramp OR Rampage Mini Launch Ramp