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MGP VX9 Team 4.5" Stunt Scooter/Mini Rail Bundle

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Combined SRPs £276.80 (Save 6%!)
Product Description
The MGP VX9 Team Stunt Scooter has always been the pro riders complete coming dialed straight out of the box and ready to shred the park or your local street spot! MGP have designed the VX9 Team Scooter with no compromises.
The VX9 Team Stunt Scooter has been refined to produce the ultimate complete for riders, striking the crucial balance between performance and durability in the lightest package we have ever produced! Every component has been hand selected specifically to produce a complete so well balanced that it inspires confidence to take your riding to the next level! The VX9 Team is now 9.6% lighter without compromising MGP's industry leading durability and strength, with a complete weight of just 3.41Kg.
Make no mistake, the VX9 Team may be the lightest Team Edition that MGP have ever produced, but it will still stand up to anything you can throw at it, allowing you to take your riding progression to the next level. Featuring upgrades based on nine generations worth of technology, including the new MGP Light-AF headtube & extruded deck, and product testing by the world's best riders in a package specifically tailored for riders 8 years and up.
Knowing this at SkateHut we have paired this great scooter with the Rampage Mini Grind Rail/Nitro Mini Grind Rail, SFR Essentials Helmet and pad sets to offer a great starter bundle, to ensure you're ready to shred at your local skate park in no time!
With multiple colour options of the MGP VX9 Team Stunt Scooter and size ranges of the pad sets and SFR Essentials Helmet avaliable we have the bundle to suit your needs!
  • MGP VX9 Team 4.5" Stunt Scooter
  • SFR Essentials Helmet
  • SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set/REKD Heavy Duty Pad Set
  • Rampage Mini Grind Rail/Nitro Mini Grind Rail