After almost two decades on the skate scene, Loaded know a thing or two about crafting longboards. Dedicated to using sustainable materials like bamboo and with an eco-friendly ethos, Loaded pack eye catching design into every board for the ultimate cruising experience. Want to try a Loaded longboard for yourself? Explore the full range below. Whether you want to build your own ride or skate away on a complete deck, at Skatehut, we have a range of Loaded longboards for sale. Choose from longboard decks with vivid printed designs, or ready-to-ride boards in natural wood finishes. No matter which you choose, ergonomically shaped and structured for performance, you’re bound to enjoy a Loaded board. As well as amazing brands, at Skatehut, we offer free delivery on all orders over £40, so you can experience expert craftsmanship on your new Loaded cruiser at no additional charge. Simply select your favourite style of longboard deck and order today.

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