Landyachtz make quality skateboards and longboards that can help to improve your life. Founded in the basement of a ski club cabin 18 years ago, Landyachtz has now grown to become a worldwide brand, producing complete longboards and cruisers. At SkateHut, we’re proud to stock a collection of Landyachtz longboards and cruisers. So why not take a look at the full collection and start improving your skateboarding life today? Packed with innovative design features and bold, vibrant designs, Landyachtz longboards and cruisers can really help you stand out from the crowd. You can refine your search down the left-hand-side of the page and filter by colour, price, product type, board style and width. This can help you find your ideal Landyachtz longboard in only a couple of clicks, so why not take a look at the full range online today?

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