Indy are perhaps best known for their precision crafted boards made from quality Canadian materials. Designed with exposed bamboo and a single ply of aged Canadian maple, Indy longboards are renowned for being strong and secure. Channelling understated elegance, our blank Indy longboard decks are supplied without graphics - just the beautiful exposed woodwork. It is a timeless addition to your collection and instantly-recognisable as Indy thanks to the unique clean aesthetic of the board. Take a look at the full Indy collection available online at Skatehut, which not only includes Indy cruisers for sale, but also a range of junior pogo sticks and longboard trucks, which safely secure the wheels and bearings to the underside of your board. Showing exceptional value for money, Indy longboards, trucks and pogos are the perfect choice if you want to have fun in impeccable quality and style, but with an affordable price tag.

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