Grip tape is a must for any skater who wants to stay on their board. It’s a grainy sheet with a sticky underside that adheres to your deck to give you extra grip or traction. Whatever your skating style, grip tape can get your board street-ready. Hella Grip grip tape is made from a tear/waterproof PVC material and covered in silicon carbide grit formula for performance and durability. It’s completely waterproof, comes in a variety of sizes depending on your board preference and it’s super easy to apply! Take a look at our full collection of Hella Grip grip tape for sale and choose from a variety of bold and colourful designs to add a personal touch to your deck. As well as grip tape for skateboarders, we also have Hella Grip scooter grip tape and scooter stickers available. Whatever your sport, Hella Grip will keep you steady and give you more opportunities to drop tricks.

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