At Skatehut, we know your scooter is more than just a piece of equipment – it’s an extension of you that needs to perform to your standards. That means when it comes time to replace or update scooter parts, you want to purchase from a brand you know and trust. That’s why we stock an extensive selection of Elite products, so whether you need clamps or pegs, you can find it here. For strong yet lightweight decks, select Elite scooter decks made from aircraft grade aluminium. For chromoly designs that are built to last, invest in Elite scooter handle bars that have been refined and redeveloped over years. In addition, Elite wheels have been crafted for a smooth, high-speed ride, with an aluminium core and innovate PU materials. While Elite scooter forks are tough and durable. Offering premium scooter parts, Elite are a great choice if you want to reach new heights on your scooter. Buy online today from Skatehut for a whole new scooter experience.

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