Thinking about replacing some of your scooter parts? Looking for components that are cheap and deliver on performance? Are you unsure which brand is right for you? Then explore our Dare Sports collection. Browse Dare Sports scooter forks that can be used with HIC, SCS and ICS compressions and are made from super strong aluminium. Shop Dare Sports scooter bars made from chromoly steel and available in a range of heights and designs, from slits for different compression systems, to larger bars for taller riders. You can also discover a range of clamps, headsets and scooter grips, so you’re sure to find the scooter parts you need. Like what you see? With a large product selection, at Skatehut, we’ve got everything you need in our Dare Sports range. What’s more, if you spend £40 your order will be sent out for free, so you can upgrade your scooter in just a few days.

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