The wheels you choose can impact the speed and handling of your scooter. For example, depending on your skating style, you might want to invest in wheels made from stronger materials or in bigger sizes. That’s why we stock a great selection of Chopsticks wheels, a brand which specialises in making quality scooter wheels in larger diameters. Made by Eagle Supply, there’s loads of ranges for you to choose from. This includes 100mm Panda and Samurai lines, or if you’re looking to reach faster speeds, then their bigger 110mm Sushi and Rising Sun wheels are an ideal choice. No matter which size you go for, all Chopsticks scooter wheels are made with an alloy core, for a structure that’s lightweight and strong. But please note each scooter wheel is sold singularly, so make sure you purchase enough for your whole scooter. Picked your favourite design? Spend over £40 on your Chopsticks wheels order today and it will be delivered for free.

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