Brixton clothing are one of the hottest brands in skatewear right now, with their range of caps, jackets and hoodies building on the success of their Brixton t shirts and Brixton shirts, which have fast become some of the essential pieces in skating circles. Said to be inspired by the music, culture and people that surround them, the brand has gone from strength to strength since being founded in 2004, focussing on what they call clean, classic and timeless designs, in the hope that their pieces never fall out of fashion, giving customers products they can hold on to for a long time. Our site is full of those popular Brixton beanies in a variety of colours, as well as their full range of outerwear in a variety of styles and sizes. There’s never been a better time to invest in one of the biggest names in skatewear and start looking the part sooner rather than later.

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