Boosted Boards are now available to buy from your number 1 UK skate shop. Boosted create top-end electric skateboards designed to be lightweight, durable, powerful and comfortable for longer commutes. If you’re looking for an electric skateboard with a bit of a kick, able to take you long distances easily, dig no further, you’ve struck gold. Boosted continue to innovate and create boards with new technologies suitable for all skill levels. Their boards are built to make you look forward to your daily commute with included faster acceleration capabilities, stronger breaking technology and enhanced steep-hill climb abilities. Shop a great range of skateboard parts too! Find Boosted chargers, wheels, skid plates and more. Boosted aim to deliver the best electric skateboards around. Order your Boosted electric skateboard from SkateHut today! Need help choosing? Contact our super friendly support team now!

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