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Bones Hardcore Bushings - Medium (4 Pack)


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Product Description

Bones Medium Bushings Formulated for the majority of skaters who already have good control of their board and just want quick, positive response, centering and the control to skate anything or anywhere.

Hardness: 91A 
2 sets of Bushings for 2 Trucks
With BONES HardCore Bushings, you will notice a number of positive improvements in the performance of your trucks.
  • There is no break-in period. Just put them in, adjust and skate.
  • Your trucks will be more responsive.
  • Increased truck performance
  • Improves your skating experience.
  • Your turns will be smooth and positive, not floppy or rigid.
  • 3 Hardnesses: Hard Bushing: 96A, Medium Bushing: 91A, Soft Bushing: 81A

A Little bit more info

When you turn a normal truck, the hanger web puts pressure on one side of each bushing (top and bottom). This squeezes that side and pushes the other side of each bushing away from the kingpin. We call this a single action bushing because only one side of the bushing works for you at a time.
The HardCore insert in the center of BONES bushings connects the two sides of each bushing together by bonding them to the HardCore insert. When the hanger web squeezes one side of a HardCore bushing, that side of the bushing reacts just like a normal bushing, but the chemical bond between the HardCore and the cushion keep the bushing from being squeezed out the other side. It actually increases the resistance to turning because it is held in place by the HardCore insert. This means basically that BOTH sides of the BONES HardCore Bushing are resisting your turning force. That’s why we call BONES Bushings the first double action truck bushings.
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whats the difference between hard, soft and medium bushings.

The Hard bushings are designed for technical skating, the soft ones are designed for crusing and the medium is a mixture of both. 

Do these fit any trucks

Yes, those bushings would fit any truck. 

Can I use them for my penny board

Yes, you are able to use them on the penny board. 

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4th Jan, 2018

Excellent quality and would order again

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26th Jun, 2016

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3rd Dec, 2015

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31st May, 2015

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