• Trick Boards: Exercise Your Body & Your Sixth Sense

    Balance Boarding became a smash hit exercise during the pandemic as gyms closed, exercise bikes sold out across Amazon and people turned to exercises that didn’t require massive amounts of space to achieve. Along came the balance board which started to blow up in popularity due to Tiktok influencers showing how easy and fun it was to work out from home and learn awesome cool tricks.

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  • Top Pick Scooters For Kids [2022 Guide]

    If you are after a handy guide to help you determine the best scooters for kids of all age ranges, then look no further, we have got you totally covered! Whether you are a kid looking to get your hands on your first scooter or a parent browsing for the perfect scooter for your child, our guide will outline the top few scooters for the age range which you are buying for.

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  • BMX Helmet Buying Guide Points [2022 Guide]

    Riding a BMX can be seriously demanding from the speed of BMX racing to the thrill of learning new tricks whilst tearing around ramps and bowls. An important part of the learning process no matter what skill level you are at is that falling is to be expected in order to develop.

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  • Best BMX Bikes For Your Height! [2022 Guide]

    Best BMX Bikes For Your Height! [2022 Guide]

    If you are buying a brand new BMX, you will want to make sure you get the best one for your height. You’ll need to ensure that the wheel size and length of the frame, which is determined by the top tube measurement, suit your exact needs.

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  • Top 5 Best BMX Helmets [2022 Guide]

    Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or someone who is looking to take up cycling as a new hobby, it is essential that you stay protected at all times. When you are pushing yourself to the limit on your BMX, hitting your top speeds and breaking personal records, it is quite easy to lose your stride and balance which can lead to you falling off of your bike.

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