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Which Helmet is Right for your Sport?

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Which Helmet is Right for your Sport?

We Always Recommend Wearing A Helmet, No Matter What You’re Riding.

When it comes to extreme sports – helmets are essential. Here at SkateHut, It’s important that your helmet is suited to your sport, as well as your environment and skill level. Riding without a suitable helmet or a helmet that does not fit correctly, can be uncomfortable and ineffective, and will not protect you as much as it should.

This short guide will help you find a helmet best suited to your sport, discipline and skill level!


For beginner skateboarders, there are a good range of helmets available. These are suitable for people who are picking up the basics and are not trying anything too daring. For this, we recommend any helmet from SFR, Bullet, CORE and Harsh Pro.

For more experienced skaters, or for anyone who is looking to skate bowls or vert ramps, it’s essential to get a better quality skateboarding helmet that will offer more protection against larger impacts. Pro-Tec, REKD, S1, TSG and Triple 8 all offer good quality helmets which are suitable for skateboarding!

The Pro-Tec Classic is a solid all round helmet suitable for all types of skating. Plus it’s available in a number of sizes and colours so there’s one for everyone!


Different helmets accommodate for different forms and levels of scooter riding.

Globber, Kiddimoto and Micro helmets are suitable for children who are riding three-wheeled style scooters, such as the ones produced by Globber and Y-Volution.

For kids who are just starting out on stunt scooters, SFR, SkateHut, Bullet, Sushi and Harsh Pro helmets are all good quality helmets. These will provide enough protection for those just getting to grips with riding around and trying basic tricks.

Advanced scooter riders will need stunt scooter helmets that are able to withstand bigger impacts. Brands like TSG, Triple 8, Pro-Tec, REKD and S1 are all brands that we would recommend for riders that fall under this category.

The SFR Essentials Helmet is one which we recommend to all beginner scooter riders! It features an ABS Hardshell and EPS Foam Inner, and is EN1078 safety standard certified.



Due to the nature of BMXing it is always worth investing in a good quality helmet from day one. Some BMX riders also opt for a full face helmet, or one that also covers the ears. This is not necessary – it is just a preference of some riders. Pro-Tec, TSG, Triple 8, Fox and REKD are all popular, quality brands that BMX riders wear!

Triple 8’s Brainsaver MIPS Series are a good range of helmet’s that we’d highly recommend to any BMX rider!

Mountain Biking

Mountain bike helmets are noticeably different from other helmets as they often feature visors and vents in different places. There are also different styles of mountain bike helmet. For more extreme riders, Fox Racing offer a range of full face helmets, to provide all round protection. For more casual forms of mountain biking, Bern offer good quality helmets, suitable for a range of biking activities.

The Bern FL-1XC is a top quality versatile mountain bike helmet that features MIPS technology! 



SFR, Rio Roller and Bullet are all suitable helmet brands for casual rollerskating. These are ideal for beginners and people who just enjoy a roll in the park! You can shop all rollerskate and protection bundles here.

The Bullet Deluxe Helmet is safety certified and features a high density ABS Injection moulded shell!    

SFR Bundle


Due to the amount of knocks and bumps that Rollerderby players take, it’s important for them to wear plenty of good quality protective gear. Triple 8, TSG and S1 helmets are some brands which are typically favoured by Roller derby players!

The S1 Lifer Multi-Impact Helmet doesn’t have to be replaced every time you take a bump in it, thanks to it’s mult-impact technology! It’s also certified for high-impacts and features a deep fit design. 

Find cheaper, more affordable helmets here.

For more information on helmets, check out our Helmet Fit Guide, or watch our video on Helmet Sizing! 

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