Welcome to SkateHut - GT E-Bikes

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Welcome to SkateHut - GT E-Bikes

Go Big With The GT Electric Bike Range

Here at SkateHut we are pleased to further support electric transport combined with action sports and the latest range of e-bikes from GT are set to make the journey up the hill easier whilst turning up the aggression on the journey down.

GT have been building and selling bikes since 1972 playing a huge part in BMX’s heritage and then helping to forge the legacy in the mid 80’s. Today they are still committed to developing bikes that excel in both performance and serious fun.

GT have released a previous e-bike, 2019’s “Everb” which looks quite different from the latest range as the battery sat on top of the down tube but with the 2020 range GT’s EBikes are set to stamp their mark on the e-bike map.


First unveiled at the Roc D’Azur festival back in Oct 2019, people were excited by the new design of the 2020 range as the batteries are now integrated into the down tube which really cleans up the lines of the bike itself. That aside, The E Force comes in two models the Amp and the Current so let’s look at them both.

GT eForce Current 29 M Electric Bike

GT eForce 12M Gunmetal Grey

The E Force Current bike is perfect for people who want to take downhill to the next level as you get the quality of a GT Full suspension bike also with the ease of pedal assist which allows for further and faster travel. The Current has 29 inch wheels and a suspension system that allows 150mm of flex. The drive train is shimano and coupled with the Shimano STEPS DU-E7000 250W electric motor for an amazing EBike experience.

GT eForce Amp 29 M Electric Bike

GT eForce Amp 29 M - Jade

The Amp which is currently being used by GT Factory Rider Martin Maes is a stunning bike with an aggressive frame geometry for trail riding. The amps rock shox suspension allows for 150mm of flex and sits high on 29 inch wheels perfect for the fullest of sends. Simply by pushing a button you change the mode of the bike to engage the motor to make ascending and descending so much easier and alot more fun. The electric drive system for the Amp is the Shimano STEPS DU-E8000 250W fitted which is the most powerful in the 2020 range. So if you are looking to get into EBiking the Amp is the bike of pros.


GT ePantera Current 29 M Electric Bike

GT ePantera Current 29 M - BLACK

The E Pantera Current Is an amazing all round hardtail bike perfect for everyone including novices who are looking to get into mountain biking with the ease of pedal assist, to those who want to take their riding further and take the roads less travelled. The Current sits on 29 Inch wheels and a full shimano drive chain and coupled with the STEPS DU-E7000 250W for electric pedal assistance taking your riding further and faster.

GT ePantera Bolt 29 M Electric Bike

GT ePantera Bolt 29 M - Dark Teal

The E Pantera Bolt is suited to those who want the hardtail bike experience but with higher premium components of a pro bike and also getting the benefit of STEPS DU-E8000 250W which is the strongest drive motor in the GT 2020 range. The Bolt also sits on 29 Inch wheels coupled with the SRAM drive chain for a premium riding experience.

Ebiking with the 2020 GT range is going to open up a world of new possibilities taking your riding further. View our full range of electric bikes here.

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