Welcome to SkateHut - Blackriver

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Welcome to SkateHut - Blackriver

We are extremely excited to announce that a new brand has entered our stores! Please welcome the original professional fingerboard equipment outlet. Blackriver are the world’s first fingerboard specialists!

The brand was founded in 1999 by carpenter Martin Ehrenberger following a trip to the US. He quickly realized that there was a gap in the skating market for a professional supplier. Today the business sells a wide range of fingerboarding products and has a competitive skateboarding & fingerboard team.

Furthermore, because of their vast experience, Blackriver are also involved in the architecture and building of local skateparks. Bringing their fingerboard skatepark expertise to the real world, they have built parks in Germany near Nuremberg known as Selb, Marktredwitz, Helmbrechts and Space Bowl.

Thanks to Blackriver, there is now a fully-fledged fingerboarding community! One that has had a hand in creating contests such as the World Championships (back in the day), filming edits and overall, boosting the popularity of the sport.

They intelligently manufacture and supply items like fingerboards, mini ramps, rails, trucks & more. Really encapsulating the skate park experience in a much smaller world.

Take a look at the items we’ve got available from Blackriver now at SkateHut!

1. Blackriver Finger Ramp - Box 2

This box has a ledge and a curb at two different heights, meaning you can practice those tricky combinations all day long.

2. Blackriver Finger Ramp - Iron Low Construct

This very low sitting rail perfectly combines with ‘Box 3’, but can be used in a variety of different ways.

3. Blackriver Finger Ramp - Ironrail Round

Another rail which is applicable for all kinds of different set ups, but this time it sits at a higher height. Spice up your park with this rail in between some ramps and boxes.

4. Blackriver Finger Ramp - Box 7

The Box 7 lends itself to all kinds of tricks over the small hedge of plants. It adds a colourful and vibrant effect.

5. Blackriver Finger Ramp - Polebank

Providing an endless amount of enjoyment for grinds, the polebank has been designed by fingerboarding professionals.

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