Venom BMX 2021 range

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Venom BMX 2021 range

Venom Mini BMX started almost ten years ago after seeing a new craze of mini BMX’s that were being handmade in Indonesia. The edits that were coming out of the adaptive ways people were using them to ride street and park were impressive to say the least. Venom decided to bring this craze to a wider audience and released their first mini BMX’s and have been going strong ever since.

Their latest 2021 range of mini and 20” BMX’s pays an introspective nod to Venom’s origins with all the latest modern specs that Venom are known for.

Venom 2021 Mini BMX

Venom Mini BMX bike - Matt Black Venom Mini BMX bike - Matt Black

One of the core values of venom is to make the best bikes possible for an affordable price so that as many people can have access to the joys of riding mini BMX. Throughout the years Venom have always achieved this goal but this year's range is the best yet! Starting with the Mini BMX which is a dream combo of specs, looks and price. The Mini BMX is durable with a high tensile steel frame with upgraded CNC drop outs which really raises the standard of the bike when it comes to handling tricks at the skate park. Something that is sure to be a stand out feature for the 2021 range is the white walled tyres loaded with sealed stainless steel bearings for a fluid riding experience. All of these features along with a premium saddle, a matt paint job in a range of colourways means that the mini BMX is sure to be turning heads whilst you are out riding.

Venom 2021 Pro Mini BMX

Venom Pro Mini BMX bike - Matt Gold Venom Pro Mini BMX bike - Matt Gold

The Pro mini BMX takes the specs and features of the mini BMX to the next level with the addition of three piece cranks for better power transfer when riding. The Pro also comes with a sealed bottom bracket keeping maintenance to a minimum and you riding for longer! Also in terms of looks the Pro stands out for it’s new premium colourways and updated stunt pegs. So if you are looking for the complete package then the Pro Mini BMX is the whip for you!

Venom 2021 20" Complete BMX

black Venom Complete BMX bike black Venom Complete BMX bike

When developing the 20” Complete BMX Venom spent a year developing the frame geometry to ensure that it would be both strong and lightweight to make it a real contender when park and ramp riding. The 20” Complete BMX comes with a high tensile steel frame with top and bottom gussets and rides smoothly on 2.4” wide white wall tyres along with a range of colourways to ensure this bike is a perfect complete for beginners to get into BMX.

Venom 2021 20" Pro Complete BMX

Venom 2021 Pro BMX Bike - Matt Raw Venom 2021 Pro BMX Bike - Matt Raw

Again the 20” Pro version takes all the features of the complete BMX and adds pro options such as a three piece crank system and a premium Raw finish in two colourways. Take your riding to the next level on a Pro complete BMX designed to compete against BMX’s at a much higher price point.

The Venom 2021 range is certainly living up to their core values and is going to provide the best quality for a price that is accessible to all. Check out the full range here.

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