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Venom Bikes 2019 Range

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Venom Bikes 2019 Range

After seeing the growing trend of custom mini BMXs being handmade in Indonesia, Venom Mini BMX was born. Seems like the opportunity to grow a scene and make mini BMXs available to more people was just too irresistible! Since then, mini BMXs have become globally popular. Venom have grown their range and have committed to supporting pro riders pushing the boundaries of what is possible on these tiny bikes. The 2019 range from Venom features three models in a selection of colourways, let's dive into the range now.

Venom 2019 Mini BMX

Venom 2019 Mini BMX Red Venom 2019 Mini BMX Purple Venom 2019 Mini BMX Mint

This is the fifth edition of the mini BMX and Venom continue to innovate and improve the design. The 2019 model features a high tensile steel frame for strength, the oversized tyres are 30 PSI wrapped around new 2019 CNC wheels - talk about upgraded production quality! The BMX comes with 5” x 26.5” handlebars with ODI style grips. The total weight of the BMX is only 10kg because of the lightweight materials used. Finally the range comes in matte-finish colourways and new colours for 2019!

Venom 2019 Pro Mini BMX

Venom 2019 Pro Mini BMX Raw Venom 2019 Pro Mini BMX Gold

The Venom Mini BMX Pro has been designed to cater for the more serious rider. If you want a mini BMX with all the premium features you would expect from a full-size pro BMX, this model is for you. These features include all new CNC wheels, an integrated headset and upgraded CNC rear dropouts. The pro model also comes equipped with 3-piece cranks which is a common feature you’d find on a pro full-sized BMX. It also contains a sealed mid bottom bracket to ensure that grit and grime won't interrupt your smooth riding. The range also comes in two exclusive colourways gold and raw which give it a real premium look.

Venom 2019 20" Complete BMX

Venom 2019 20 Venom 2019 20 Venom 2019 20

Venom have spent the last 10 months working on the styling and geometry of the perfect beginner BMX. They have focused on ensuring the BMX features all the functions you would come to expect on a more premium BMX whilst keeping it budget friendly. The 20" BMX comes with a high tensile steel frame with top and bottom gussets. The wheels come with a double wall rear wheel with freewheel hub and both tyres have a 2.4" white wall to complete that retro BMX style. The handle bars are 8.5" x 29" and rest on a forged top loaded stem. The BMX has 25/9 gearing for great power transfer for beginners and a 1-piece heat treated forged crank. All these features come together to ensure a trustworthy first BMX.

Venom is definitely a brand you can grow with and their 2019 range of bikes have certainly got all the key features to keep you riding and progressing! View the full Venom Bikes range today and get in touch with us for any advice or additional information.

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