Vans Skate Classics 2021

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Vans Skate Classics 2021


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For skateboarders, a good pair of skate shoes is an absolute must. Not only do they have to look cool, but they have to be comfortable and durable too. Vans has developed a stylish range of skate shoes that are specifically designed for intense skating, whilst also screaming style and quality.

This brand new range of high-performance off white skate shoes from Vans has been redesigned to maintain that iconic look that skaters have rocked for many years now. They’ve been built extra tough on the inside to handle the highly physical demands which come with skating, with a revised upper pattern for improved fit and comfort.

Vans Skate Old Skool Skate Shoes - Off White

Vans Off White Old Skool Vans Off White Old Skool laces

If there’s one thing the Old Skool range has to offer, it’s a whole lot of attitude! Here, we are talking about a timeless classic which will never go out of style. This pair of skate shoes brought the infamous Vans side stripe to the world, setting a whole new trending style for trainers and footwear designers across the planet.

Although these trainers have an iconic look to them, the reason they still exist today is because they are made to last, literally! The Old Skool Skate Shoes are manufactured to be durable; the vulcanised signature waffle outsole on this pair also allows for immense flexibility and a firm grip.

Vans Sk8-Hi High Top Skate Shoes - Off White

Off White Vans Sk8-Hi skate shoes Off White Vans Sk8-Hi skate shoes with skateboard

The Vans Sk8-Hi is an extraordinary pair of high tops like no other. This trendy pair of skate shoes is inspired by the classic Old Skool range, designed with the Vans vulcanised signature waffle outsole and legendary lace-up. The Vans Pro Cush insole cushioning on these bad boys will mean that your feet are well looked after, so you can focus on your skating.

Vans Skate Slip-On Skate Shoes - Off White

Off White Vans Slip-On skate shoes Off White Vans Slip-On skate shoes back

If you’re after skate shoes with that little bit of extra comfort, then the Vans Skate Slip-On is just what you need! This slip-on is super easy to fit onto your feet, with elasticated side accents and padded collars to take your level of comfort to another level. The Vans flag label, coupled with the signature waffle pattern on the sole of the shoes allows for a stronger grip to make all the difference when skating.

Vans Skate Authentic Skate Shoes - Off White

Van Off White Authentic skate shoes Off White Vans Authentic skate shoes laces

You can’t get much more original than the Vans Skate Authentic Skate Shoes. This historic pair of shoes dates all the way back to 1966 in Southern California, when Vans made their first connection with the skate and surf culture. This was the year when Vans launched a single pair of shoes, named, The Authentic.

The Authentic Skate Shoes have a simple yet very powerful look about them, with a low top lace-up and a tough canvas. This is a style which has become increasingly favoured with skaters since its humble beginnings and its popularity is continuing to grow!

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