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Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes 2020

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Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes 2020

New Vans Drop - The Much Awaited Rowan Zorilla Skate Shoes

Special Announcement:

Finally the heavily anticipated and exciting new release from Vans is here! Rowan Zorilla, one of the most naturally talented pros, has collaborated with Vans to create some awesome new designs. This fresh drop comes in a variety of different colours - available to buy from SkateHut today!

With the Californian 21-year-old being sponsored by the company since 2013, skaters have been craving a personalised release and now the time has come.

The Vans Rowans come in three sumptuous colours, have POPcush footbeds to ensure the cleanest ride without major impact and are 90s inspired.

A heavyweight in the skating community, Rozo can always be seen sporting his favourite brand of kicks. From his edits to his competition appearances, this twinkle-toed American always reps the most classic of skater shoes.

Now he has his own personalised sneakers, which must be a dream for the Shep Dawg favourite who fell in love with skating at just 8-years-old.

Check out these comfortable and quintessential skateboarding treads that are designed specifically for riding. Rowan’s unorthodox style has earned him his first-ever signature model of Vans.

Full Details

Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - Black/White

Built with impact absorption capabilities the Rowan Pros give a retro feel which boldly stands out in the brand’s most synonymous colours. For anyone with a minimalist but vintage style. Black goes with everything!

Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - Desert Taupe/Black

Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - Desert Taupe/Black Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - Desert Taupe/Black

The sandy-looking Desert Taupe shoe with red trimmings gives off a ‘rough and ready’ vibe. With enhanced grip and maximum durability, these shoes are a skater's dream. The gritty colour echoes of those long-stretching West Coast beaches, which Rowan grew up next-door to.

Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - (Mirage) Blue/White

Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - Blue/White Vans Rowan Pro Skate Shoes - Blue/White

All styles also provide superior cushioning and increased energy return for less fatigue. The white rubber sole makes this combo of colours look clean and light. A rainy-day shade of blue which looks great in the mix of suede and canvas.

Shop our full vans skate shoe range for more styles.

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