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Top 10 Gifts For A Skateboarder

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Top 10 Gifts For A Skateboarder

Clueless about buying a gift for a skateboarder? It’s easy when you have a pre-approved list from a skate shop!

In the run-up to Christmas, or a birthday or any other special occasion, many people scour the internet frantically looking for a great gift for the special shredder in their life. Here’s a little tip, it's always good to get guidance from like-minded peeps. I guess that’s why you’re here! Read below SkateHut’s top 10 list of gifts for a Skateboarder – handpicked for you.

A Beginner Skateboard

If you’re buying for a young skateboarder we would recommend choosing a mini skateboard. They’re lighter in weight which will make landing beginner tricks much easier. The Rocket Skateboard is the perfect option for a beginner skateboard and this bundle is the perfect starter pack for a little shredder.

A Complete Skateboard - Full Size

For skaters aged 10 and over, we recommend going for a full-size board. One of the hottest completes we have at the moment is from the Tony Hawk Signature Series. The 540 Fullcourt Complete features a Hardrock maple deck – ideal for a budding skateboarder. Want to explore more boards? Visit our Skateboard Buying Guide.

Skate Shoes

Vans Slip-On Pro Baker Skate Shoes Nike SB Check Solar Womens Skate Shoes Vans Kyle Walker Pro Heavy Canvas Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are not only fit for skating but they are comfortable and fashionable enough to wear everywhere. An avid skateboarder will always need a good pair of skate shoes – Always! Treat their feet with some brand-new, quality skate shoes


Thrasher Flame T-Shirt Black Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Womens T Shirt RIPNDIP Speed Racing T-Shirt Spiral Dye

What better item can show style, individuality and sense of humour than a t-shirt. Our range of skater tees offers the best brands in the biz. With a range of designs patterns and slogans, they successfully help sport style and individuality. Some of the most popular brands include RIPNDIP, Santa Cruz, Huf and Brixton.


Thrasher Skate Mag Hoody - Black Nike SB Hoodie Pacific Blue Santa Cruz Reign Hoodie Orchid Pink

Skaters often tend to spend all their money on decks, trucks bearings, completes and other parts. One thing they forget to add to the list is clothing essentials. We have a large collection of hoodies from top brands including Nike SB, Thrasher, Santa Cruz and loads more.

Headphones & Speakers

Urbanista Seattle Wired Headphones Mobility on Board Adorable Speakers

Music and the skateboarding community go hand in hand. Headphones provide a great way to silence the world around you while you focus on your tunes, while Bluetooth speakers help you blast music to the world around you. Urbanista headphones provide crisp sound quality and impressive bass. It even allows you to take phone calls too! Mobility on Board Panda speakers is a fantastic and spontaneous gift offering users 6.5 hours of continuous use!

Skateboard Bags

Enuff Skateboard Backpack - Black Nike SB Courthouse Backpack White Nike SB RPM Backpack Black

Skateboard bags are ideals for skater s that are always on the move. With large compartments and skateboard straps, they’re bound to make carrying school supplies, overnight items and skateboards super easy.

Stance Socks

Stance Star Wars Duos Socks Multi-Pack Stance OG Socks Multi-Pack

They're not just socks...they're Stance Socks! With free-thinking fabric technology and crazy designs, these multipacks can provide the best stocking filler or gift addition. With over two hundred different designs available in the full collection, you can either go for a multi-pack or shop the full range of Stance socks here.


Tech Deck Fingerboard Sk8 Container

Tech deck fingerboards provide great miniature boards for a skater to practice their fingerboarding skills on. The beauty of fingerboarding is that all you need is a clear surface! Why not get a Tech Deck container to give plenty of surfaces to practice and develop tricks on.

SkateHut Gift Voucher

SkateHut Gift Voucher

Now here’s a gift that you can never get wrong – a voucher! Gift your skater with money to spend in a skateboard shop and they will definitely be happy. Vouchers are the best gifts for those skaters who are particular and know what they want. Treat your friend or family member today with the ultimate gift – money!!

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