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With the new bike season about to launch here at SkateHut, we’re proud to share with you some of our newest BMX bikes. It's time for us to cherry pick our top 5 new BMX bikes for 2020. Some of these bikes are awaiting imminent release so please check and re-check the product listings for availability. Now, let’s get into the list!

1. Tall Order Ramp Large Complete BMX - Gloss Black

Tall Order Ramp Large BMX - Gloss Black

The first bike on our list is the Tall Order Ramp Large Complete BMX. At under 12kg, The Ramp Large has been built to provide quality and value. It’s also one of the lightest options available around this price mark. The weight of the Ramp Large makes it a perfect beginner BMX regardless of whether you are using it in the skate park, or for general street riding.

Featuring a fresh colour combination that really sticks out from the crowd, this BMX also has a fully sealed fast rear cassette hub. This is a top feature for a BMX of this price point. If you're looking to develop your skills, jumps and style as you roll into the world of freestyle BMX, the Ramp Large features a combination of great materials and superb components so you can ride with confidence.

2. GT 18 U Performer Jr 2020 Complete BMX – Black

GT 18 U Performer Jr 2020 BMX

Next on our list we have the GT Performer Junior. As a staple in the freestyle BMX scene, The Performer is equipped to give you the confidence you need to make the most of every session. The junior model has been sized for younger or smaller riders who may struggle with a full 20" frame. The GT Complete BMX is ideal for younger riders to develop their skills on. Due to its well-rounded set of components, this BMX is suitable for both the street and for the skatepark:

- Steel tube frame
- 3-piece GT Power series cro-mo cranks

3. United Supreme 20.5" 2020 Complete BMX

United Supreme 2020 Complete BMX

Moving down the list we now have the United Supreme 2020 Complete with a green chrome finish. The United Supreme is perfect for street riding, part riding and trails. With a strong and sturdy build, this is the bike for you if you're looking for value and versatility!

4. Mafiabike Kush2 2019 Complete BMX - Black

Mafiabike Kush2 2019 BMX - Black

The Mafiabike Kush2 BMX bike is expected to be a top-selling product for the brand. The main reason for its popularity is that the Kush2 model of Mafiabike comes with the best high-quality components, without taking it out of the entry-level complete BMX market. The construction of the BMX is superb with a TT hi tensile steel frame, 29.5" wide, 9" rise bars, u-brake with soft clear anti-scuff pads and much more. The Kush2's build ensures that it provides a pro-level performance on an amateur's budget. It’s ready for the street, the skate park or wherever – a great all-rounder.

5. Fit 2020 Phantom RHD 21" TT Complete BMX - Semi Gloss White

Fit 2020 Phantom RHD 21" TT BMX -  White

Founded in 2000, Fit are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the Phantom TT Complete BMX incorporating some of Fit's iconic colours and graphics. This Fit 2020 Phantom Complete BMX is the right-hand drive version. Now I know the question you may be asking is "Do BMX's have right and left-hand drive?" Yes, they do! The reason for this is when you grind on a BMX then you have to avoid the one side otherwise you scrape up your drive system. This means if you prefer to grind on your left side then a right-hand drive is for you. The Phantom TT comes with sealed cassettes and bottom bracket, an integrated headset, street geometry, 25mm offset forks and Fit's brand new F/U tyres for a complete BMX that is street or park ready!

If you’re thinking of buying a new BMX bike, make sure that the frame size fits your height as this will take a lot of pressure off your back. When you’re riding and learning tricks balance is everything, so having the right sized bike will make all the difference. For more information contact our knowledgeable staff in store, via email or through our online chat function.

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