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Top Electric Skateboards 2018

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Top Electric Skateboards 2018

Commuting, Cruising, or Just Getting Around

There’s no doubt that electric skateboards are tonnes of fun! We’ve done a rundown of our top electric skateboard brands here at SkateHut to help you decide which is best for you.

LOU Boards –

LOU Board

Although a fairly new brand, LOU Boards have created a new industry standard for electric skateboards. Created by Swiss brand SoFlow, LOU Boards were crowdfunded by a Kickstarter page back in April 2017 and have now reached mass production!

What separates LOU from the rest of the industry is its incorporated technology design. The LOU’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is built into the deck, and its motor is built into the wheel, allowing for a smooth, sleek design all over, that resembles a normal skateboard more than an electric one.

Thanks to this internal technology design, the LOU is water resistant up to an IP rating of 54, and is lighter and more durable than most electric skateboards. Another innovative feature is that the LOU works as a normal skateboard when it’s without power, so if the battery dies, you can still skate it home!

LOU Boards are available in 3 different designs – the 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Both the LOU 1.0 and 2.0 have a range of 6-9 miles and reach a top speed of 17mph, however the 2.0 is significantly lighter as it features a Carbon Fibre deck, rather than the 1.0’s Polyurethane deck. The 3.0 is the most powerful model, offering a range of 12-15 miles and a top speed of 21 mph!

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Flow Deck X

Flow Deck X

From the same creators as the LOU Board, the Flow Deck is the LOU’s longboard equivalent. Built with the same incorporated technology as the LOU, the Flow Deck X features a pintail shape deck which is built from a mixture of Maple, Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre.

The Flow Deck X has a range of up to 9 miles and is capable of reaching a top speed of 19mph, thanks to its rechargeable Lithium battery and dual 1400w Brushless motors, which are stored inside the boards wheels.

This board is perfect for cruising around on and is ideal for those who are looking for a comfortable, leisurely ride!

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Razor X

RazorX Cruiser

Razor is the heavyweight of the electric scooter and skateboard industry. Their Razor X Lithium Powered boards are quite simply classic skateboards with an electric kick! Offering both a longboard and cruiser option,  these boards allow for up to 40 minutes continuous use and can reach up to 10mph.

Built from sturdy Maple decks, reverse kingpin trucks and 80a high-grip urethane wheels, their electric power comes in the form of a kick-start 125w geared motor, powered by a rechargeable 22V Lithium battery pack.  The rear-wheel drive motor is mounted to the underside of the board, and is virtually maintenance free, meaning you won’t have to worry about any alignment issues, chain or belt!

The Razor X Cruiser is a great option for those looking to use their board to hit cruising speeds getting around urban spaces. The Razor X Longboard however is suited to a smoother, more open environment.

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