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Like many extreme sports, skateboarding is hard at first. It’s a skill that requires perseverance, patience and good-quality gear. In this guide you’ll find a few suggestions for beginner, intermediate and pro-level skaters who want to know that they’ve got the right tools for the job!

Top 5 Boards

Enuff Pow II Mini Complete Skateboard

Enuff Pow II Mini Complete Skateboard

Enuff have gone above and beyond with their mini completes of late by providing strong, well-constructed boards for little shredders. Even though this board is an entry-level rig, it’s constructed from 8-ply maple, to take the beating that a beginners board will inevitably take and an accentuated nose and tail to give beginners a little more help figuring out their foot placement, whether it be for tricks or just becoming comfortable on a board, the Enuff Pow II is a great starter board.

Rocket Pile Up Complete Skateboard

Rocket Pile Up Complete Skateboard

Moving on from the Enuff Pow II without moving the price point, we have the Rocket Pile Up Complete Skateboard. This is another board that’s perfect for beginners who want a board slightly longer than a mini. At 31” it’s the same length as a full size complete. The Pile Up is constructed from industry standard 7-ply hard rock maple and features awesome artwork in three styles, meaning that fashion and functionality can still go hand in hand at this price point.

Renner Z Series Pro Complete Skateboard - Z5 Orange

Renner Z Series Pro Complete Skateboard

For skaters that feel comfortable on their board and may even have a few tricks under their belt, the Renner Z Series Pro Complete Skateboard - Z5 Orange is a solid choice. Featuring a vibrant finish on the 7-ply Canadian maple deck and chrome ABEC 9 bearings, this board is perfect for a summertime game of S.K.A.T.E!

Zoo York OG 95 Tag Complete Skateboard 8” - White/Black

Zoo York OG 95 Tag Complete Skateboard 8"

The skateboarding scene in 90’s New York is legendary and Zoo York were at the centre. With the OG 95 Complete Skateboard, Zoo York are throwing it back in terms of style but moving ever forward in terms of construction. The 7-ply North American Maple deck is packed with pop, combining that with the ZY Raw Trucks you’ve got a board that’s perfect for skateboarders who know what they want.

Creature Horde Script Complete Skateboard - 8”

The Horde Script Complete Skateboard from Creature lives up to its namesake - it’s a beast. At its high price point this board is really geared towards skaters that have been in the game a long time and want a board that they know can keep up. Featuring Bullet Trucks, OJ Wheels and a 7-Ply Hard Rock Maple deck, it’s not for the faint of heart.

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