Top 10 to follow on Instagram: Skateboarding

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Top 10 to follow on Instagram: Skateboarding

Love a good Insta clip?

Here at SkateHut we’ve compiled our Top 10 favourite skateboarding Insta feeds so that you can see what’s making us tick!


Re-posting some of the craziest content found across Insta, @metroskateboarding ‘s feed contains those absolute bangers, as well as some of the more quirky clips. A great one to follow for your daily dose of skateboarding!


Posting the best content filmed in and out of the Berrics park, including some heavy throwbacks. A good place to stay updated on Berrics website content, and see a strong variety of content from both Pro’s and upcomers.


The gnarliest platform in skateboarding and the original magazine.  @thrashermag regularly post some of the craziest content from across the web, including previews of their own content found on


Ran by our friends over at Shiner Distribution, @pixelstv posts content from around the globe, including plenty of UK stuff. Stay tuned for some sweet competitions too!


2017 Thrasher Skater of the Year, Jamie Foy eats handrails for breakfast. After putting it down throughout last year’s King of The Road, Foy has now deservingly been shot into the skateboarding hall of fame. Follow him for some handrail madness!


Keep up to date with the Atlantic Drift crew and their antics as they tour the world and put it down in their increasingly strange ways. One to watch for those looking for some quirky inspiration.


Featuring the craziest mini ramp content from across Insta, this one is full of some mind-blowers. Perfect for anyone looking for some inspiration to up their coping game!


As he turns 50 years old, Hawk proves he is still capable of putting it down in his recent ’50 Tricks at 50’ edit. One of the greatest to ever do it – follow the legend for general skater dad life content, showing that you don’t have to be young to skate.


Everyone’s favourite ripper. When Nyjah’s not putting it down at Street League he’s getting a new tattoo, tearing it up on his dirt bike or cruising in one of his supercars. Drop him a follow to keep up to date with the day to day life of a Street League Champion.


Tech God, Nike SB Pro and Battle at the Berrics Heavyweight, Shane O’Neill is one of skateboarding’s finest. When he’s not shredding his personal backyard skatepark, Shane’s tearing it up at Street League or filming for a new part. Give him a follow to see some ultimate steez! 

Enjoy checking out these accounts and let us know if you have any accounts you reckon are worth checking out!

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