Spring Decks Drop 2021

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Spring Decks Drop 2021

Find your new favourite deck in this new drop from Element, Darkroom & World Industries

Spring 2021 has really been good to us, with a host of new deck drops from some of the best names in the business. An old school name making a steady comeback has also been super exciting. This blog has been put together to highlight some of the new decks now displayed on our virtual online shelves. If you’re shopping for your next plank we have got you covered with everything you need to know!


Started by Artist Don Pendleton who for over 20 years has contributed iconic designs and imagery to a resume of skate brands that most artists would kill to work with. It would be hard to imagine Alien Workshop without Don’s influence. Now he’s focusing his attention on designs and styles for his own self developed Darkroom imprint. Here at SkateHut we adored the first wave of designs and this latest range really raises the bar. Printed on the finest 7 ply maple with a full range of deck widths and board styles, Darkroom really has something that will appeal to the majority of riders whilst the designs will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With a stylistic take on ancient myths and legends alongside contemporary observations this latest range will leave a strong impression so make sure you grab your favourite before they fly out.

Dark room decks brand image


Starting Spring off right with an amazing collaboration with childhood favorites Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Element are ones never to be lazy and have also delivered a full wave of both key and new designs as well. The Earth Revolution Series in collaboration with Artist Fernando Elvira are a particular standout this season with their earthy colour tones and designs. Element’s decks are printed on the finest 7 ply maple and are loaded with plenty of pop for your latest set up. Don’t forget we also have the Element x Peanuts Grip Tape, Wheels and apparel to accompany the range.

Element new decks photography

World Industries

The one and only World Industries is a real blast from the past brand and a true staple of 90’s skateboarding. Founded by Steve Rocco back in 1989 the brand really impacted the street skating scene that boomed in the early 90’s and changed the way that we understand skateboarding even to this day. Led by the company mascots Flame Boy, Wet Willy and Devil man designed by Marc Mckee, World Industries built a cult following and became the number one selling skateboard hardware brand in the world back in 1998. It is now back and bigger than ever with 90’s skate fashions and brands being very on trend. This is the second drop, the first wave selling out pretty much instantly so be sure to snap yours up quickly! World Industry decks are printed on the finest Canadian 7 ply maple and are available in a range of sizes for your preference.

World Industries yellow deck World Industries black deck

With such a strong line up of brands and designs to choose from, if you’re looking to get your next set up then it’s hard to put a foot wrong with the range above. However, if you’re wanting to see what it’ll look like before you buy then don’t forget about our custom skateboard builder where you can see the latest designs along with a wide choice of trucks, wheels, grip tapes, so you can have your setup, your way!

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