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The Slick Revolution Flex-E Carbon Electric Skateboard - Get Involved

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The Slick Revolution Flex-E Carbon Electric Skateboard - Get Involved

Slick Revolution is our brand of the month for April and for good reason! This UK based electric skateboard company based in Southampton, really pushes the boundaries when it comes to electric skateboards. Focusing on the quality of their items keeps them close to their buzzing online community. The owners club is particularly popular, as are the weekly blogs and meetups. If you own, or are about to own a Slick Revolution board, we strongly urge you to join.

This board is designed with fun in mind. It’s great for carving and cruising. The Flex-E Carbon board is designed to cruise over tarmac and soak up bumps like no board has before! The Flex-E Carbon bundle comes with interchangeable slick and rough wheels.

Slick Revolution Flex-E Carbon Electric Skateboard (Slick Wheels)

Slick Revolution Flex-E Slick Wheels

What are the main features of this board?

- Range

The range on this board is 13 miles on average. This is a great range for any board. You can be sure to have fun with this kind of capability!

- Speed

This board will do 0-20mph in 10.9 seconds. With a top speed of 25mph this board is insanely fast - sure to keep your heart racing.

- Battery Charge Time

Taking only 3-4 hours to charge, the Lithium Ion battery gives you more time on the wheels and less time spent watching it plugged into the wall.

- Dimensions

The board uses a 36” (91.5cm) 7ply bamboo and fibre glass. The decks runs on 9 inch trucks and 83x52mm wheels - a comfortable longboard to ride.

What is it made of?

The deck of this longboard is made from a mix of bamboo and fibre glass which makes it flexible and responsive. The electrics are both water and dust resistant thanks to the casing nad it uses a powerful Lithium Ion Samsung battery.

- Weight

The Flex-E Carbon board is one of the lighter electric skateboards on the market. It weighs in at 8.5KG / 18.7LBS.

- Power

Boasting 2 powerful 1200w brushless motors for a total power output of 1400w - designed to take you up some of the steepest hills!

Slick Revolution Flex-E Carbon Electric Skateboard (Rough Stuff Wheels)

Slick Revolution Flex-E Rough Stuff Wheels

A cut above the rest

Featuring dual brushless motors and an easy handheld wireless controller, this electric board is powerful and easy to control. The wheels can easily be changed from slick wheels to the all-terrain rough stuff wheels meaning they can be used on less than perfect surfaces and still offer a comfortable ride. On top of this you can also change the deck out with any compatible e-board deck from slick revolution. With a 12-month manufacturer warranty you will be covered for any manufacture defects (please see the manufacturer's website or your owners manual for details).

Ready to take the leap?

If you feel you are ready to take the leap into riding the ultimate electric skateboard, come and grab yourself a great bargain with our brand of the month Slick Revolution. Bundle up and get the Flex-E Board with slick and rough wheels, a remote, and helmet!

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