Skating on the A List

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Skating on the A List

It’s easy to forget, multi-millionaire superstars are still human(ish). Just like you and I, they enjoy nothing better after a hard day’s work than to kick back, relax and SHRED. Whether they’re any good is a whole other topic but celebrities can be badass too, and this list is here to prove it. No point hanging around lets drop in…

Tyler the Creator 
OFWGKTA’s main man being on this list may not come as a shock to some of you. Some would argue that his high energy performances scream of the punk front man he could have been, not that we’re complaining. Social Media is littered with photos of the underground mogul pushing, so it made complete sense for him to sit in as our first entry.


Henry Rollins 

It’s time to add skateboarding to the endless list of Henry Rollins’ talents. Coming up on a punk ethic, the perseverance and grit required to nail the basics in skating came naturally to him. We’ll be honest, there aren't many photos of Rollins floating about on the web at first glance, but dig deep, and you’ll find him shredding microphones and bowls alike.


Sonny John Moore aka Skrillex 

You might know Skrillex as the techno producer in need of a new barber, but his musical career has punk roots. He started out in American post hard-core outfit ‘From First to Last’ and pushing came hand in hand with the scene. Skrillex might have dropped the band but he kept the board, and has been caught cruising multiple times.


Jodie Foster
Jodie is arguably the biggest surprise of our 5 celebrities. There’s a chance the young folk among you won’t even know who she is, but trust us – she’s legit. Aside from playing a badass in The Silence of the Lambs, Jodie used to rip, both on and off screen. There’s even a hardcord So. Cali punk band called Jodie Foster’s Army!


Lil Wayne
We can’t make up our minds on Lil Wayne. On the one hand he probably should never have picked up a deck. But on the other, he’s put in the work to become a somewhat decent skater. Unlike many celebs who use the deck to boost their reputation, he actually stuck at it – and for that we give Lil Wayne props. 

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