Skatepark Etiquette 101

Skatepark Etiquette 101

Before you check in at your local skate park, remember it’s a totally different world from the street skating scene. There are a few unspoken rules that are vital to the safety and flow of the skate park, so here are our top five tips to remember.


Snaking is when someone decides to take a run when someone else is already skating that path. Dropping in on another skateboarder while they’re perfecting their steez is not cool. Show respect to all the other users. Don’t cut folks off in the middle of their run and always check your path is clear before you ride across a park.

Monster Runs

The skatepark is for everyone to enjoy, right? That means you can’t expect to nail every trick whilst everyone else just sits and watches. Killing it during your skate park sesh is cool, but don’t get carried away!


We’re not talking Mario here. If you see someone trying out a trick that you’ve already mastered, don’t go and do it in their face. That’s a whole new level of douche that no one has time for. Every skater has different skill levels and capabilities.  They’ll probably be stoked if you give them a helping hand instead.

Go steady

Dropping in on a 10ft vert probably isn’t the best idea if you haven’t perfected an ollie yet. Learn to walk before you can run. It’s easy to lose your balance and get hurt, even if you’re wearing all the right protection. You may even wind up hurting other park users too, so be smart.

Follow the rules

Each park has its own set of rules. Whether they’re keeping you safe, or keeping the park looking fresh – the rules are there for a reason. Don’t fancy wearing pads or helmets? Tough. If that’s the rule then embrace your hat hair, put on your helmet and get shredding!

It’s good to know the rules and etiquette before you show up so keep these points in mind and you’re solid. But above all else, stay safe and have a good time.

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