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Skatepark Cities - Part 7

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Skatepark Cities - Part 7

The capital city of Wales, Cardiff has great skateboarding spots in abundance. It’s also home to one of the most highly regarded skateboard clubs in the world, Cardiff Skateboard Club (CSC).

CSC worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the skate scene in Cardiff, and the city now stands as a shining example of the dignified heights to which skateboarding, and skateboarders can aspire.

However, if you’re skating on the streets of Cardiff then be careful. The police are not above taking your board off you and showing you how it’s done (and critiquing your setup).

If you want to stay one step ahead, then here’s where we recommend for skating in Cardiff.

1. RampWorld, Cardiff

Located in an industrial warehouse on the outskirts of northern Cardiff, RampWorld is an excellent skating venue, complete with both transitions and street obstacles. RampWorld Cardiff is a non-profit making charity, aiming to provide progressive indoor extreme sports facilities in south Wales.

The skatepark contains both a spine and a volcano in a large bowl. Although it sits at a singular set depth, it also has an extension and two vert walls as well as a hip in one corner.

There’s also a rhythm section containing quarter pipes, jump boxes and spines of various sizes. There’s a speed corner at the rear, too.

The street section is ideal for beginners. It’s fairly basic, but there are some great lines for those who are learning the ropes, along with obstacles from hubbas to quarter pipes and even a down kicker.

If you’re just wanting to practice your ramp skills, then RampWorld is the perfect place – there’s a dedicated mini-ramp section! This consists of two mini ramps that are both wide and set apart. This is ideal for if you’re looking to build up speed or want extra space to practice your tricks.

With dedicated beginner’s sessions, weekly passes and all day passes all available, it’s a space that can offer something for everyone.

• Opening times: These vary throughout the year, depending on the school term time. You can see a full list here.

• Charge: This varies depending on the time and the session. You can also rent the space for private hire. This is at a cost of £100 for a two hour session and £150 for a three hour session.

• Address: Unit B, Parc Ty Glas, Llanishen, CG14 5DU.

• Website:

2. Cardiff Barrage Plaza, Cardiff

Designed and built by Gravity in 2010, Cardiff Barrage Plaza features sweet transitions. The perfect mix of concrete, brick and granite, it’s located slightly outside the city on the other side of the bay.

The design and engineering are both cutting edge, and the park features a street flow plaza with brick backless quarter pipes, floating brick kickers over a shingle gap, a brick ended volcano, 1350 high mini ramp, paving slab pyramid hip, Jersey barrier and loads more.

Located in picturesque surroundings, Cardiff Barrage Plaza is a great skatepark regardless of your skills, but it’s ideally suited to street skaters. The obstacles are far enough apart that there’s plenty of room for beginners, but there are also tricky lines for those with more experience, too.

• Opening times: 7am-10pm

• Charge: Free

• Address: The Barrage, Locks Road, Butetown, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 4LY

• Website:


3. Splott Skatepark, Cardiff

One thing that Cardiff has in abundance is small, local parks that are free to use. In our minds, the pick of the bunch of these is Splott skatepark on Muirton Road. Featuring grind rails, a flatbank, a driveway and two quarter-pipes, it’s perfect for beginners.

It gets quite busy on warm weekends, but it’s quiet the majority of the time, giving you the time and space you need to learn the ropes.

As we’ve said, in addition to this, there are a number of other small and local skateparks that are free to use with unrestricted access dotted around Cardiff, so make sure you also check out Ely Skatepark, St Mellons Skatepark and Llanrumney Skatepark. Some of these can still be quiet on weekends.

• Opening times: Open 24/7

• Charge: Free

• Address: Muirton Road, Cardiff, CF24 2SL

• Website:

With plenty of skateboarding parks located all across the city, Cardiff is a bit of a skateboarding Mecca in Wales. Make sure you check it out! But watch out for those police officers, you don’t want them showing you up!

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Image courtesy of iStock.

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