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Skatepark Cities - Part 6

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Skatepark Cities - Part 6

The latest post in our skatepark series shines the light on Belfast. The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast’s skate scene is very much on the rise. Recently, Bobby Worrest and the boys from Red Bull even turned up to see what the city had to offer, before touring the rest of Northern Ireland.


As a result, Belfast has some fantastic little skate spots. Two in particular catch the eye. Let’s have a look in a bit more detail…

1. Bridges Urban Sports Park

Located under the M3 flyover, Bridges Urban Sports Park provides facilities for skateboarding, in-line skating, parkour and BMXing. It’s all concrete and features both street and transition sections. Skateparks are a little hard to find in Northern Ireland, and Bridges Urban Sports Park is Northern Ireland’s only outdoor concrete park.

The transition section is composed of a singular rectangular bowl, long extension and a curved section that’s inset into one side. On the street section, there’s a flat bank that leads into a hubba.

On the other side of this, there’s a bowled section with a manny pad and a down kicker. Following this, you’ll find a flat bank with a ledge inset leading to a pyramid with a quarter pipe.

Overall, it’s a fantastic facility in a unique location. Incredibly well laid out, with a smooth bowl and lines to suit both beginners and experts, you’ll find a line to suit you at Bridges Urban Sports Park.

• Opening times: These vary throughout the year, you can see a full list here.

• Charge: Free but parking must be paid for in a local pay and display carpark.

• Address: 37-41 Little Patrick Street, Belfast, BT1 3

• Website:

Belfast may not be blessed with the greatest amount of choice when it comes to skateparks, but these two are fantastic little options filled with character, unique obstacles and spots to hone your skills. Plus, if you fancy a trip further afield, you can always head out to Carrickfergus Skatepark, too… although it will take you half an hour by car. Grab your deck and get skating in Belfast. And remember to let us know if you find any other great spots.

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Image courtesy of iStock.

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