Skatepark Cities - Part 4

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Skatepark Cities - Part 4

The latest post in our skatepark series focuses on Brighton. Red Bull christened Brighton as hosting the UK’s hidden scene, where coastal carnage can take place, so let’s dive in and check out Brighton’s shredding pedigree.

Brighton has always had a rich skateboarding history, and is home to one of the oldest scenes in Britain.

From freestylers to longboarders, Brighton has a rich skating culture and is probably home to the most cruisers outside San Francisco. Brighton’s feel is unique, and that’s what makes the subcultures there thrive.

Due to this, Brighton has also produced influential figures such as Ian Deacon, Don Brown and Darran Nolan.

On a lighter note, it’s even home to YouTube skateboarding sensation Bodhi the dog. You can check out Bodhi’s skills below, although sadly he was recently served an ASBO for his skateboarding antics on public paths, so we don’t recommend copying his street style on Brighton’s pavements.


1. The Level

The Level has existed for many years. However, in 2013, it received a complete makeover and it’s now at the epicentre of Brighton’s skate scene.

A 1,400m sq. polished concrete skatepark, all of the old wood has been ripped out completely. It has a plaza style street section and a transition area, so there’s something for everyone, no matter how you like to skate.

The park was designed in collaboration with the Brighton & Hove Skateparks Association (BHSA), who represent the local wheeled sports community. This means that the best interests and wishes of skaters were at the heart of the park’s construction. The result is something that suits riders of all abilities and experience levels.

The street section is well laid out, including banks, hips, rails, kickers, both flat and curved ledges, a pyramid and a lot of space. There’s a lot of variety, too, and it would take endless It would take hours to master all of the lines.

The transition is focused around two bowls. The main one of these bowls has a unique shape, with various depths, a roll in and coping around the edges – it’s certainly an interesting ride.

• Opening times: Unsupervised access 24 hours a day

• Charge: Free

• Address: The Level, Union Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 3HD

• Website:


2. Hove Lagoon Skatepark

If you’re heading to Brighton for the beach, then Hove Lagoon Skatepark is the place for you.

The main attraction of Hove Lagoon is that it is situated right next to the beach, so you can hear the waves hit the shore as you ride.

The park itself features both street and transition elements. There’s a 4.5ft mini ramp at one end, and attached to each platform is a quarter and flat bank that lead into the main section of the park. Here you’ll find a driveway with hips, a hubba and a ledge. Opposite, there’s a 5ft bank with a drop box in the middle.

This is the perfect spot for skating when the sun goes down. It may not quite have the variety of The Level, but the location and views are stunning.

Other local parks, like Woodingdean Skatepark and Hollingdean Skatepark are also good, but a little basic. Hove Lagoon is our pick of the bunch.

• Opening times: Unsupervised access 24 hours a day

• Charge: Free • Address: Kingsway, Brighton, Sussex, BN3 4LX

• Website: n/a

3. Brighton Youth Centre Skatepark

Don’t let the name confuse you, Brighton Youth Centre is open to people of all ages. It’s Brighton’s only indoor skatepark and is primarily wooden with a concrete floor.

As well as drop in sessions where you can just pop by and shred, there are dedicated tuition sessions available for people of all ages and abilities. There’s a dedicated session for young children, a session specifically for adults and even She Shredders sessions that are for women and girls only.

The park itself is centred around a funbox, with hips, ramps, ledges and a hubba flanked by a flat bank box on one side and a quarter on the other. Other obstacles litter the park and there are also two ledge boxes (one of which has an incline), a small ramp box and a quarter that has a long vert extension. It’s designed specifically to have something for everyone. No matter what your ability level, there’s a line for you.

• Opening times: Evenings. Times vary depending on the day.

• Charge: Prices vary depending on age and whether tuition is required. You can find a full list of opening times and prices here.

• Address: Brighton Youth Centre, 64 Edward Street, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 0JR

• Website:


Brighton’s rich skateboarding history makes it an incredibly unique place. From skating by the sea to indoor centres, there’s sure to be somewhere that suits you and your style. Let us know your favourites below.

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