SkateHut's Top 5 Skates Picks!

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SkateHut's Top 5 Skates Picks!

Another entry in the Top 5 series from SkateHut, this time we visit our Quads and Inline Skates!

5. SFR Vision Canvas Quad Roller Skates

SFR Vision Canvas Quad Roller Skates

Starting off we have the SFR Vision Canvas, a skate that we liked so much we collaborated with SFR on it to bring out our own colourway! Limited edition and vegan friendly, these skates are sturdy and comfortable, and are great value for money. Perfect for beginners of all ages!

4. SFR Spectra Adjustable Roller Skates - Blue/Red

SFR Spectra Adjustable Roller Skates

The Spectra Adjustable skates are perfect for younger riders. These skates can be adjusted between three different UK shoe sizes for each size of the skate - they literally grow with you! Constructed from a hard shell boot, they also offer great ankle support and have a soft internal liner for comfort. Our top recommendation for kids skates!

3. Rio Roller Classic II Quad Roller Skates

Rio Roller Classic II Quad Roller Skates

Stylish and comfortable, the Rio Roller Classic II Quads are ideal for skating both the park and the roller disco, and would look the part at either one! Built with high quality heel support and additional cushioning, these funky rollers are sturdy and supportive, making them great for beginner skaters. They’re also vegan friendly!

2. Skatelife Lava Adjustable Inline Skates

Skatelife Laval Adjustable Inline Skates

For those budding inliners, Skatelife offer an adjustable version of an inline skate. Adjustable between three UK shoe sizes, these skates grow with the user and offer a good amount of ankle support, as well as a strap and lace system to give a snug, secure fit. Four 78mm Polyurethane wheels also mean that these skates ride super smooth!

1. Bladerunner 2018 Advantage Pro XT Inline Skates

Bladerunner 2018 Advantage Pro XR Inline Skates

The top dog in our skates selection, the Bladerunner Formula 100 skates are suited for the more experienced inline skaters. The lo-balance boot gives a controlled, stable ride, on top of the smooth 80mm 78a wheels. A padded, fixed liner offers a comfortable fit, and the lace and powerstrap fastening mechanism offers support throughout the ankle. On top of all this, these skates come in a sweet sleek design! 

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