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SkateHut's Top 5 Skateboard for Summer 2018

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SkateHut's Top 5 Skateboard for Summer 2018

SkateHut’s Top 5 Summer '18 Skateboard Picks

Ranging from beginner to pro, kick start your summer with one of these sweet set-ups!

5. Tony Hawk 180 Series Skateboard – Diving Hawk

diving hawk skateboard

The perfect beginner board, signed off by the Birdman himself. Tony Hawk’s 180 Series boards are constructed from a solid 9-ply Maple deck, with Hawk Trucks and 92a Urethane wheels.  This is an ideal first board for those who are looking to get into skateboarding!

4. Enuff Scramble Complete Skateboard – Red/Black

enuff scramble complete skateboard

Next up is the Enuff Scramble Complete Skateboard. 7.75” wide, this deck is built from Canadian Maple, giving it lots of pop! With sturdy Enuff trucks and fast 100a wheels, this set-up is the next step up from the Tony Hawk’s board for those looking to improve their skating.

3. Fracture Brolly Complete Skateboard - Yellow 8”

fracture brolly complete skateboard

Offering a slightly wider option than the Enuff, the Fracture Brolly Complete Skateboard is also built with a Canadian Maple deck. Quality 52mm wheels with a durometer of 100a and Fracture Wings Trucks make this complete great for skating both street and ramps! This deck comes in a variety of colours and widths and is perfect for the beginner to intermediate skater.

2. Almost Side Pipe First Push Complete Skateboard - 7.875”

almost side pipe first push complete skateboard

A solid intermediate board for those slightly more practiced. The Almost Side Pipe First Push Complete Skateboard features a Hardrock Maple Almost Deck, built with Stiff Glue construction to give a lasting pop. Tied together with Tensor Alloy Trucks and Almost 52mm Wheels, this complete offers a lighter option with a smoother, crisper ride.

1. Plan B Team Nebula Complete Skateboard – 8.0

plan b team nebula complete skateboard

One of the best completes SkateHut has to offer, the Plan B Team Nebula Complete Board is out of this world!  The Nebula complete features an 8” 7-Ply Maple Deck, Plan B Trucks and 52mm 95a Plan B wheels. Plan B have been in the game for over 25 years, creating quality skateboards since day one. This set up is ideal for the intermediate to advanced skater!

Want to build your own custom skateboard? Do it here!

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