SkateHut's Top 5 Scooters For Summer - Featuring MGP & UrbanArtt

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SkateHut's Top 5 Scooters For Summer - Featuring MGP & UrbanArtt

What scooter should you be shredding on this summer?

We've gathered a list of our top 5 beastly scooters for your stunt-filled summer. So without further ado, let's kick things off with number 5...

5. MGP VX7 Pro –

MGP VX7 pro scooter

Coming in at number 5 is the MGP VX7 Pro! The foundation on which all other MGP models have been created, the Pro is a tried and tested classic.

Built from a 4” x 19.5” Deck, a Japanese Chromoly One-piece Oversized T-Bar, 100mm Anodised Alloy Core Wheels and a HIC compression system, this scooter has set the new industry for entry level scooters.

Complete with a manufacturer’s warranty, the MGP VX7 Pro is one of SkateHut’s favourite scooters, and is our top recommendation for an entry level scooter! Prices range from £86.95 to £117.95.

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4. Crisp 2018 Inception

crisp 2018 inception scooter

Next up the ladder we have the Crisp 2018 Inception. The perfect intermediate level scooter, the Inception is ideal for those who’ve got all their basic tricks on lock and are now looking to step up their game.

Weighing in at only 3.8kg, this Crisp scooter is super lightweight, but thanks to its Hi-Tensile steel bars and Concaved Triple channel deck, it is also super strong!

Available in 5 different colourways, including a funky glow in the dark model and a translucent purple model, this scooter is one of SkateHut’s top picks. Prices range from £114.95 to £139.95.

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3. Blunt Envy Prodigy S6

blunt envy prodigy S6 scooter

Blunt Envy’s Prodigy model has now hit its sixth series. It's safe to say Blunt scooters are going stronger than ever! Blunt Envy have released this edition in a range of crazy colours, with Bandana, Candy, Oil Slick and Splatter versions available, as well as the classic all black. This scooter is a real eye-catcher!

The Prodigy S6 weighs only 3.7kg, making it super lightweight. Blunt Envy scooters are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders. The Prodigy S6 is built with an integrated deck, 620mm bars, Prodigy IHC Forks and 120mm extruded wheels, offering a smooth, fast ride. Take it up a level with this beast of a scooter! Prices range from £149.95 to £219.95.

2. Sacrifice Flyte 115

sacrifice flyte 115 scooter

In second place we have the ultimate lightweight scooter! Weighing a measly 3kg, the Sacrifice Flyte 115 is one of the lightest scooters currently on the market.

Wider and longer than the original Flyte 100 series, the Sacrifice Flyte 115 features Sacrifice’s new IHC system, as well as their Cyborg fork and Nutron 2-Bolt Collar Clamp.

Sacrifice scooters are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders. This ultralight Sacrifice stunt scooter is a serious bit of kit for those who are serious about their riding! Prices range from £179.99 to £199.99.

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1.  UrbanArtt Primo V3

urbanartt primo V3 scooter

The newest addition to UrbanArtt’s range, the Primo V3 is SkateHut’s No1 pick! A classic stunt scooter that offers a lot of bang for your buck, the V3 is super strong and super reliable and sets the bar high when it comes to advanced stunt scooters.

Available in Black, Raw/Neo and White/Neo, the V3 is a real head turner! A comfortable, sturdy ride, this scooter is built with a Chrome Steel T-Bar, an Aluminium Peg-cut deck, a baby SCS clamp and 120mm wheels. Get on board with the best! Prices range from £199.99 to £239.95.

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So there we have our top 5! If you need more information about any of our scooters, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Our expert customer services team are ready and always happy to help our customers.

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