SkateHut Top 5 - Women Who Rock The World of Skate, Scoot and Roller Derby

SkateHut Top 5 - Women Who Rock The World of Skate, Scoot and Roller Derby

With today being International Womens' Day, what better way to celebrate than to look at 5 women who have made, or who are making major waves in the Skateboarding, Scooter and Roller Derby world. There seems only one real place to start, and that's with...

Elissa Steamer - Pro Skateboarder

Elissa is the Godmother of female skateboarding. She smashed through the predominantly male skate scene after showcasing her raw talent in Toy Machines 'Welcome to Hell'  DVD and soon after became the first ever female pro skater. You might also recognise Elissa from her appearance in the classic Tony Hawk Underground game back in 2003 as the first, and only, playable female in the series. Taking Gold medals at 4 out of her 6 appearances the X-Games, there's no doubt in our mind, Elissa is one of the Skateboarding greats.

Estro Jen - Bowl/Street Quad Skating & Moxi Skates founder

Michelle Steilen (aka Estro Jen) has been leading the revival of outdoor and bowl skating from soCal to London. When she’s not tearing up LA boardwalks, or selling cute, candy coloured skates, you’ll find Estro Jen throwing skate discos out of her leopard print ice cream van.

Marina Lopez - Scooter rider

Being part of the Vex Flow Team, and throwing out some of the hottest street edits out right now has made everybody sit up and take notice of Marina Lopez. With spreads in Scoot Mag helping raise her profile, 2015 was a big year for her,  the sky's the limit in 2016.

Stefanie Mainey - Pro UK Roller Derby

Stefanie Mainey brings a concoction of skills with her into the Roller Derby world, if you take her Power and Accuracy, and then mix in her Judo skills, you've got yourself a Roller Derby winning machine. Captaining your national team is no easy feat, and to make it look as comfortable and natural as Mainey has done is even more impressive. She's a powerhouse in the Roller Derby world, and adding her to our list was a total no brainer.

Leticia Bufoni - Skateboarder

Competing in the X Games at any age is a major deal. So to be 14 years of age and be competing in a predominantly male sport at the highest level makes that deal a whole lot bigger. Nailing endorsements with Nike, Grizzly, Plan B, Nixon, Oakley and Bones Wheels, makes Bufoni one of the biggest names in modern day skating.

So there you have it, our top 5 women who are rocking the world of skate and scoot. We've definitely missed a few big names off our list - so who would make your top 5? Let us know in the comments.

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