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Our Top Roller Skate Picks!

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Our Top Roller Skate Picks!

Here at SkateHut, we offer a huge selection of roller skates! Deciding which brand and style is best for you can be difficult, so we’ve comprised this blog to give you a helping hand.

Before we take a look at some of our top picks, it’s worth reading through these questions to make sure you’re getting the best size and style of skate for you.

Are roller skates the same shoe size?

Roller skate sizes vary from brand to brand, so it’s always worth checking with our customer service team if you’re unsure, or check out the product description for any addition sizing info. If there’s no sizing warning in the description, we would recommend opting for your normal shoe size.

What types of skates are best for beginners?

For younger beginner skaters we recommend adjustable skates! Adjustable skates can be extended or shrunk between three different sizes, allowing them to grow withtheir user. For older beginner skaters, brands such as SFR, Rookie and Rio Roller offer a good range of skates that are suitable for beginners and come at a reasonable price!

SFR Storm III Adjustable Roller Skates

SFR Storm III Adjustable Skates

These roller skates are adjustable in size so they're perfect for the younger skater! Their size can easily be adjusted by pressing a button on the outer shell of the case and sliding the toe cap out to lock into the desired size. These roller skates also feature a hard shell construction which offers great ankle support and a cushioned liner for maximum comfort.

Rookie Canvas Quad Roller Skates

Rookie Canvas Quad Skates

A classic shoe design with a 4 wheeled twist! Featuring extra padding and heel cup support, these quad skates are as comfortable as they are stylish. Ideal for beginner riders, these skates also offer great value for money!

SFR x SkateHut Vision II Limited Edition Quad Roller Skates – Rainbow

SFR x SkateHut Vision II

The SFR Vision II’s have been a best-selling skate for a number of years now! In fact – we liked them so much that we collaborated with SFR on them to bring out our own colourway. These quad skates are sturdy, comfortable and supportive and offer great value for money as well as being suitable for all ages of skater. They’re also vegan friendly!

Rookie Bubblegum Quad Roller Skates

Rookie Bubblegum Quad Roller Skates

A great skate, ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Featuring a synthetic padded soft boot and fleece lining, these skates are super supportive and super comfortable! These roller boots also feature nylon hardware and 58mm wheels, giving a smooth ride. We also really like the sweet pastel colourway finish on them! 

Rio Roller Script Quad Roller Skates

Rio Roller Script

The Rio Roller Script Quad Skates are a high quality skate that comes with a very fair price tag! Constructed from vegan friendly PVC leather, these skates offer plenty of ankle and heel support, making them ideal for beginner to intermediate skaters. With a nylon fibre chassis and 82a Coaster wheels, these roller skates offer a smooth ride, that performs well on all surfaces!

If you have any more questions about skates or their sizing, please don't hesistate to call our customer services on 0121 501 1111, or drop them an email at!

If you think you're ready to get rolling, then shop all roller skates here!

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