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Our Local Skateparks

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Our Local Skateparks


For those of you are thinking of paying a visit to our SkateHut headquarters here in Halesowen, you’ll be pleased to know that we have loads of indoor and outdoor skateparks located near to us that you can go and try your fresh gear on! 

Here’s a rundown of some of the best in the area -

Unit3Sixty –

Our local indoor park, perfect for those winter months! Unit3Sixty boasts a huge bowl section as well as a street section, and is open to skateboards, scooters, BMX and skates. They also hold events including competitions and meet and greets, and weekly, scooter only, skateboard only and BMX only nights.

Halesowen Skatepark -

Halesowen Skatepark is tucked away just inside Highfield park and is the closest park to us. This park was built by Woodward and is relatively simple – featuring just a large flatbank, funbox, quarter pipes and a flat bar and round rail. Great for a chilled day out!


Creation Skatepark, Moseley –

Ideal for those serious transition riders out there, Creation Skatepark is our largest local indoor park, containing Birmingham’s only vert ramp – which stands at 12ft 6” high and 26ft wide. There’s also a foam pit for those looking to practice their aerial tricks. The park also features a bowl complex, jump box run and newly built street section, complete with mini half pipe!

Sanders Park, Bromsgrove –

About 20 minutes drive up the road from SkateHut HQ is one of the better outdoor skateparks the area has to offer. ‘Sanders’ is located inside Sanders Park in Bromsgrove and is a metal park, which offers a good variety of obstacles for all sports. Favourites from this park include the kicker ramp, pole jam and curved ledge!

Lightwoods Park, Bearwood –

A concrete park situated 20 minutes drive or a short bus journey away from SkateHut, Lightwoods is a concrete skatepark, which is largely based around transition, with a small street section. This park offers some nicely sized quarter pipes, as well as a spine and pump bump. There is also a box, bank and rails for those looking for something more street orientated!

Lightwoods Box

Rubery Skatepark, Rubery –

About 6 miles from SkateHut is one of our favourite local parks, Rubery. This is a metal park which features two half pipes with a spine and half pipe. There is also a large pyramid, set, hubbas and box. This is an all-round good sized park that offers something for everyone.

Just Ramps – Wolverhampton –

Situated about half hours drive away is Just Ramps, an indoor park in Wolverhampton. As well as a box section and street section, Just Ramps has a foam pit, Resin box and Resi Spine and quarter, to help you nail those big hitter tricks. The park is open till 10pm on weekdays and 8pm on weekends, and features a scooter only session on Saturday mornings. 

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