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Welcome to SkateHut - Oath & Triad Scooters

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Welcome to SkateHut - Oath & Triad Scooters

SkateHut are pleased to announce that from this week onwards we will be stocking two new brands - Oath & Triad Scooters!

Oath are a purely components based brand, that create eye-catching, cutting edge products, whilst Triad manufacture complete scooters – that are made from entirely Oath components!  

Oath & Triad have been painstakingly developed over almost two years, working from the ground up. They’ve looked at every component, from their Oath Fidelity bearings to their Bermuda Grips to see where they can do things different and better!

Their range of completes and parts have been designed to not only suit the way the sport is today but also to what it will be in the future. Scooting as a sport continues to progress every day, meaning the product of yesterday is no longer relevant to today’s rider.

Triad Racketeer

Working with a combination of 20 years manufacturing experience and collaborating with some of today’s most influential riders such as Aussie trio Brenton ‘BT’ Taylor, Billy Watts and Brendon Smith, Triad have managed to create one of the most progressive scooter lines available on the market today.

Triad & Oath has worked meticulously on each component, thoroughly evaluating whether the designs were worth of moving from prototype to full production before doing so. So many samples didn’t make the cut and ended up being revised and, in some case, completely redesigned. The thought and work that have gone into this range is crazy!

Oath Bermuda 120mm Wheels

It’s been a long process for them. They’ve come up with completely new ways of making some parts! The Bermuda wheels were particularly challenging to manufacture – the specially designed tooling used to create their unique wheels wasn’t as durable as they had hoped, so they had to change to a completely different production method at the last minute. Talk about innovative!

To fully understand the thinking behind some of Triad’s ground breaking new features, check out these videos they’ve put together:

Triad 2 in 1 Fender/Brake System

For those who can’t decide between a fender or a brake – why not have both! Triad’s new 2 In 1 Fender/Brake system allows you to ride with a brake or as just a fender without having to fork out for aftermarket parts!

Oath Bermuda Wheels

Oath set out to make a wheel that rolls faster, lasts longer, turns better and performs to a whole new standard with the Bermuda wheels, and it’s safe to say they’ve pulled it off. Pushing the urethane out to 26mm for that extra contact patch as well as using high quality urethane, these wheels roll like a dream. The geometric hot forged cores also give that perfect strength to weight ratio, and not to mention, they look sick!

And just to show you what these scooters are really capable of, check out the Triad team putting their range to the test at Empire skatepark in the video below

Shop all Triad & Oath products at SkateHut here!

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