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New BMX Brands to SkateHut

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New BMX Brands to SkateHut

Here at SkateHut we’re always on the lookout for quality brands! For September 2018 we’re happy to announce that we’re expanding our BMX collection, with brands Cult, Kink and Subrosa. Take a read of our quick overview of each of these brands, or you can shop them all here!


Cult BMX

Cult are heavyweights of the BMX scene, and we’re stoked to have them on board here at SkateHut. Premiering their new feature video ‘It’s Later Than You Think’ just days ago at their California based clubhouse, Cult boast a heavy team, full of hard-hitters. Their products are top quality and come in a range of different styles and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. You can check out the Cult crew on their insta, @cultcrew or shop all Cult bikes here! 

Kink BMX

Kink BMX

Based in Rochester, New York, Kink BMX are one of the leading brands in aftermarket parts and BMX completes. Kink have spent years developing and refining their range of bikes based off of feedback from their customers and dealers, and their 2019 range shows this. With a world-class team to go alongside this, Kink are truly killing it at the moment. Check them out on insta @kinkbmx, or shop our range of Kink BMX here!


Subrosa BMX

Started back in 2006 by two seasoned BMX brand owners and riders, Subrosa’s main aim is to create affordable, reliable, high-quality bikes with an essence of uniqueness. This is something that is clear in their 2019 range - ranging from 12” up to 26”; these bikes come in a range of fresh styles and feature some pretty sick colourways. Take a look at SkateHut’s range of Subrosa bikes here, or check out Subrosa’s insta @subrosabrand

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