New Stomp Wired Mini Dirt Bikes!

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New Stomp Wired Mini Dirt Bikes!

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Here at SkateHut we are passionate about action sports and getting people out enjoying themselves no matter what age they are. Stomp’s Wired Electric Dirt Bike’s are a perfect starting point for introducing your children to the world of motorbikes and motocross.

In the past, the usual starting point for younger children would be a 50cc PeeWee petrol bike. With the new Wired range, there is a whole new way to get started which is only made better by the benefits of using an electric bike. The biggest benefits that a lot of parents will enjoy is that the Wired electric bikes are virtually silent compared to petrol bikes. So no annoying the neighbours with loud engine noises. It also means a lot less time spent with starting the bike or maintenance changing spark plugs as the Wired is ready to go at the turn of a key with instant electric acceleration from the 500W motor. There isn’t also the messy and expensive hassle of dealing with petrol fuels to power the bike or oil leaks from the engine.

Red Stomp Wired Mini Dirt Bike Blue Stomp Wired Mini Dirt Bike

Stomp Wired Mini Dirt Bike - Red

Stomp Wired Mini Dirt Bike - Blue

The Wired Electric dirt bikes also provide an easier learning experience due to having three speed modes. These can be locked to prevent younger riders from going too fast too soon but when they are ready the speed is there. Wired Dirt Bikes have a top speed of 17mph and a ride duration of approx an hour to 35 mins if used fully at Max Speed.

As standard, the Wired Electric dirt bike comes with some impressive specs including excellent suspension from the Wired’s upsidedown fork and rear mono shock. It also includes amazing braking provided by front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The Wired also comes in a range of five colours so you can match your bike to your riding kit and start your moto journey.

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