New in: MGP VX8 Pro

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New in: MGP VX8 Pro

Who else is buzzing with excitement about the new VX8s coming out?! We can’t wait to take a look at each one, but for now, we’ve started with the the Pro, which we now have in stock both online and in store.

According to MGP, the new VX8 Pro Scooter ‘sets the bar for quality with every aspect of the product tailored to meet the needs of the up and coming pro rider’

Some amazing upgrades include larger 110mm Solid Corrupt Cores and a wider 4.5” deck with headtube cutout and downtube inserts. Not to forget the new high-density PP deck blocks!

The one piece T bar is powder coated and measures in at 21” wide and 23” high! The deck is 19.5” long and is half an inch wider that the previous model, the VX7. Lastly, the forks are a threadless 120mm HIC fork! We highly approve of all of these specs so far.

So what’s different about the VX8? To start, MGP have clearly taken a lot of time and care to make sure that this particular scooter is as light as possible. They’ve managed to do this with a Downtube cut-out as well as clamp cut-outs as well, which have lightened the load of this beast.

The wheels feature MGP’s new Polyurethane blend and are 110mm corrupt core. As well as that, the Pro has the MFX deck blocks. All in all, some really nice new additions to this scooter.

Finally, the MGP VX8 Pro Scooter comes in an incredible range of colours, which are (deep breath) – red, red/black, black/red, sky blue, black/blue, lime, black/lime, black/black, teal/black, pink, pink/teal and sky blue/lime

We got to unbox the Pink/Teal MGP VX8 Pro Complete Scooter, so if you want to take a closer look at some of the features, check it out:

So there we have it! We’re already massively impressed with the VX8 Pro and can’t wait to see the rest of the new VX8 range!

If you want to buy or pre order your new MGP VX8 Scooter, you can do so here

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