New Madd Gear Scooter Range 2020

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New Madd Gear Scooter Range 2020

The Ultimate Complete for Younger Riders

Here they are! The heavily anticipated and brand new 2020 range of Madd Kick stunt scooters from Madd Gear Pro. The famous scooter and skating brand have pulled out all the stops to provide four fantastic models. Introducing the Mini Pro Rascal III, Pro V5, Extreme V5 & Kaos V3. All available at SkateHut right now!

Every single one of these fresh new stunt scooters is designed with a bold and vibrant look in mind. So whichever one you choose to purchase, you’ll be getting yourself a superb product that’s dripping with modern style.

Furthermore, every one of these new models is suitable for both experienced riders and beginners. So check out why you should head to our checkout with one of these secured in your basket.

Madd Kick Mini Pro Rascal III Stunt Scooter

Available in three different colour variations, the Madd Kick Mini Pro Rascal III has a variety of new and improved upgrades. First off, MGP has introduced some 130mm TPR Swirls Flangeless Grind Grips that follow the rest of the creative design all over the scooter with a very colourful pattern. Engineered with non-slip technology, to make sure those grips and hands are secure at all times. Grab yours in blue and lime, red and blue or teal and pink.

Another addition is the Composite Core Wheels that are perfect for high-speed riding. This whole scooter looks the part, so why not purchase one today and see how it performs with this complete MGP makeover.

Madd Kick Pro V5 Stunt Scooter

Next, we move on to the Madd Kick Pro V5 and this particular model is available in five colour variations! Grab yours in blue and black, black and silver, blue and lime, red and blue or teal and pink.

With some similar features to the previous stunt scooter we described, the Pro V5 also has some aspects of its own to show off. Starting with the Hollow Core Wheels, which again are built for speed. MGP have also added an Integrated Rounded Box Deck with Internal Fluting to help increase durability and strength.

Madd Kick Extreme V5 Stunt Scooter

Available in just four colour variations - Black & Silver, Lime & Blue, Red & Blue and again Teal & Pink. The extreme is a personal favourite as it just looks slick and mean. When you think of an extreme scooter, this is very much adhering to that usual type of model.

Each individual part of this Stunt Scooter has been hand-selected to make a product that can stand up to the demands of today’s up and coming pro riders. Whilst also making it easier to perform and land those tricks, increasing your overall progression as a rider. Made with Japanese Chromoly Swoop Bars which promote easier handling, there are so many different reasons why this scooter would be a great buy.

Madd Kick Kaos V3 Stunt Scooter - Gold/Black

The final scooter from this fresh new range is only available in one colour combination. However, the gold and black style that MGP have chosen really makes the Kaos V3 catch your eye. This model is lightweight and great value for money.

Safety and performance are both considered, from nylon bar ends which keep you in control to a MG Blitz brake that is specifically designed with material to help hold its own against braking heat. This is a nifty scooter packed with all your essential components and coloured with a bright design.

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