New In - Maui & Sons Skateboards and Cruisers!

Unique and Vibrant Completes

Maui and Sons have now expanded their range to include skateboards and cruisers! We’re so excited to introduce these brand new models to you. As a renowned brand for being reliable and affordable, it'd be crazy to overlook this new colourful range.

So take a look with us at what is now on offer!

Maui and Sons Complete Skateboard - Invasion

Starting off with the standard skateboard range, we have a really unique and vibrant design on the 'Invasion' deck. This particular board would be suited for anyone in their mid-to-later teen years, around 14 onwards. With an unusual robotic print that's accompanied by some really bold and bright colours, it'd be an understatement to say that this board is an 'eye-catcher'.