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Allow us to present our newly arrived line-up of ramps from skateboarding innovators - Graw. Ever since Dogtown and Zephyr skate team gave their two cents as to what skateboarding should be, it’s been about freedom of movement and freedom of expression! Skating flat-ground is great for starters but as we progress we like to break the laws of gravity and do things that seem like they can’t be done!

If this sort of thing puts wind in your sails and you want to make things a little more vertical then take a look at these bad boys and weigh up the possibilities.

Graw Jump Ramps J15 Jump Ramp


First we have the J15, the 15 referring to its height (15cm). The whole J series range is constructed from high-quality beechwood for a tough build. Weighing in at 3kg it’s the lightest out of the range, making it the easiest to transport. We recommend this ramp for beginners due to its height and length (65cm). It is officially the easiest to perform tricks off. However, the lightweight and compact construction makes it useful for skaters of all performance levels. All those wanting a boost up to a higher rail or ledge would be pleased with this ramp. This ramp, just like the rest in the J series, does not require any assembly. It also features rubber pads underneath to keep it steady.

Graw Jump Ramps J20 Jump Ramp


Next up to bat we’ve got the J20. The number again, refers to the height (20cm). The height on this one is a little steeper the length also differs from the J15. At 76cm it’s got a bigger run up to make up for the higher jump. It’s slightly heavier at 3.5kg but it's still easy to carry and of course maintains it’s tough construction and handy rubber pads for steadiness. This model is for intermediate riders who are looking for more air.

Graw Jump Ramps J25 Jump Ramp


At 25cm high (noticing a pattern yet?) this is the tallest out of the J series and has the biggest length at 85cm to make up for it. Just like the smaller versions it features rubber pads underneath to keep it still when you’re skating it. It weighs in at 4kg making it the heaviest but even at this weight it’s still very portable. This is definitely for skaters that are comfortable on a board and are looking for more room to get some air.

Graw Jump Ramps G20 Pro Ramp


Here we have the creme-de-la-dank of our new Graw line up. The G20 Pro weighs in at 7.3kg so it’s beefy but ready for any trick you throw at it! It measures at 20cm high, 50cm wide and sports an 80cm run-up. Unlike the J Series it requires some slight set up as the metal plate at the front needs to be screwed on with the included screws and hexagonal key but after that it’s ready to ride and don’t worry the instructions are all included. It also includes those nifty rubber pads underneath to keep it still. This is the strongest and heaviest Graw Jump Ramp and is favoured by professionals.

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