New In From REKD Protection!

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New In From REKD Protection!

Helmets & pads at a premium level

Tired of bruised knees and bumps to the head? If so, check out this new release from REKD Protection! One of the most reliable brands for protective equipment in the world of skating. Durable, affordable and intelligently engineered, REKD always provides high-quality pads and helmets for extreme action sports.

Every detail is manufactured perfectly to suit any kind of rider, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro. The brand new items available are essential in avoiding injury. So check out the new REKD products we have available at SkateHut right now!

Energy Ramp Knee Pads

REKD Ramp Knee Pads

The brand new Energy Ramp Knee Pads are suitable for the majority of action sports, if not all of them. This is the first of two types of energy knee pads that have been launched by REKD.

These knee pads are available in all sizes and in black, grab yourself a pair today and soften those knee-shattering collisions. With a new and improved energy impact foam, 75% of the collision impact is reduced, providing higher levels of defence and comfort.

Energy Pro Ramp Knee Pads

REKD Energy Pro Ramp Knee Pads

Tailor-made for a different kind of rider, the new Energy Pro Ramp Knee Pads are specified for professionals. Despite that, these are still a suitable pair of pads for any level of rider.

With a few slight adjustments and different types of straps to the standard energy pads, the pro model provides more flexibility in movement. Once again the pads are made with newly constructed energy impact foam, so a comfortable and safe experience is guaranteed.

REKD Elite 2.0 Helmet

REKD Elite 2.0 Helmet Blue REKD Elite 2.0 Helmet Red REKD Elite 2.0 Helmet White

The final drop from the new protection range is the REKD Elite 2.0 Helmet, available in five different colours and two sizes (small/medium & large/extra large).

The Elite 2.0 is an absolute steal for the price, with this helmet being one of the most certified available. It has all the necessary padding inside, providing comfort and impact protection for when those big tricks go wrong. It’s a no-brainer to make sure your brain is well-looked after!

Shop our full REKD Protection range for more high-quality protection products.

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