New In Etnies Skate Shoes

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New In Etnies Skate Shoes

Michelin fibre lite technology!

Is there such a thing as the perfect skate shoe? Ask any skateboarder how many shoes they go through just from regular skating - the number is staggering for most people. Etnies know this struggle and have been consistently bringing out premium skate shoes since the ’80s. Etnies pride themselves in providing skate shoes with great durability, infused with the latest shoe technology. Now comes their latest pro model shoe the Joslin 2.

Etnies Joslin 2 skate shoes studio 1

The Joslin 2 is the second pro model from Chris Joslin which has been designed to put up with the amount of abuse a pro skater can put on a shoe. Etnies have been collaborating with Michelin Tyres to make grippy, reliable soles on their shoes for a while but the Joslin 2 comes equipped with Michelin fibre lite technology which allows the robust sole to have an instantly comfortable level of flex to their sole whilst maintaining that durability.

Etnies Joslin 2 skate shoes studio 2

The rest of the shoe features upgrades that a skater would recognise such as a rubber underlay underneath the toe cap providing an extra layer of durability to an area prone for extra wear when skating. The Joslin 2 also has optional laces holes to provide better lace protection and also a removable velcro strap which will give a more secure fit when you are skating and can be removed for those short periods when you aren’t skating to make one all-round amazing premium skate shoe.

Etnies skate shoes studio 3

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked by the rest of the 2020 range is each model comes packed with comfort, style and durability but something that Etnies prides themselves on is sustainability, from the likes of Jameson 2 which is a 100% vegan skate shoe making use of both recycled plastic and rubber in their construction. Etnies don’t just stop there, the 'Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree' project works hand in hand with Trees For The Future to contribute the planting of a tree with every pair of Eco shoes bought. This has meant that Etnies have planted over 2 million trees so far in Brazil and Costa Rica.

So with Etnies shoes committed to putting durability, style, comfort and sustainability in their range you may not have only found your perfect skate shoes but the perfect skate shoe company.

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