New Drop From Sacrifice Scooters

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New Drop From Sacrifice Scooters

Sacci Junior Complete Scooters

With the days getting longer, we’re all dreaming of the summer. Especially those who will be itching to get outside again once the rain stops and snow melts. The good news is we have a brand new Sacrifice junior stunt scooter available! Perfect for perfecting tricks on in the warmer months.

The newly designed 2020 Sacci Junior Complete Scooter is made for the beginner rider looking for a low cost, durable scooter that can compete with the best on the market.

It’s only available as a junior addition but ensures that it’s suitable to aid progression, which is ideal for young ones wanting to start a new hobby.

Every detail has been made suitable for 7 to 10-year-olds, and this bright and bold new drop is available in either teal or red with a black base colour.

Sacrifice are renowned for their models of stunt scooters, making vibrant, strong and durable products that are reliable and well assembled.

Sacrifice Sacci Junior Stunt Scooter

Junior is the first of its kind from Sacrifice Scooters, featuring a newly designed bar matched with the usual high-grade components you expect from Sacrifice.

Fully upgradeable and compatible with aftermarket parts, this is the perfect entry into freestyle scooters for the younger riders starting out and wanting the best.

At just £119.95, this is a fantastic price for a simple and sturdy start-up which has all the necessary parts for your son or daughter.

With a clean and minimalist design, this scooter has a fluorescent effect which is encapsulated by the colours available.

As well as the style and majority of components being tailored for beginners, the IHC compression system is also nice and simple, so any maintenance or repairs can be carried out with ease.

With so many reasons to buy this high-quality product, why not grab one today?

Check out the full Sacrifice Scooters range for more stunt scooters like this.

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