Our Predictions for the MGP VX9!

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Our Predictions for the MGP VX9!

With over 10 years of development, MGP’s VX series is fast approaching its newest addition – the MGP VX9!

As one of our bestselling and favourite scooters here at SkateHut, we’re gearing ourselves up to see what new features Madd Gear Pro’s VX9 will bring with it.

There’s talk that the release of the VX9’s will bring a dedicated street model, which may either be a remodel of the Nitro or Extreme or perhaps a completely brand new model. If this is true, we’re likely to be looking at what is MGP’s biggest model to date. We think we’ll see a new deck, which has a squared back end with closed dropout, as well as a square front end – similar to that of the MGP Juzzy Carter Signature Deck. This new deck is also likely to be wider and longer than the current 4.8” wide decks on the VX8’s. With some other brands now making decks that are up to 6” wide, there’s plenty of room for the MGP VX9 decks to grow.

MGP Juzzy Carter Deck

Could we see a VX9 deck similar to this?

To accommodate for the increase in deck size on this potential new street model, it’s likely that the VX9’s bars will also see an increase in height, and possibly a change in style. To be in line with the new models street specs, it’s probable that the bar height would increase up to around 700mm. Whilst MGP typically favour a riser style bar, this new street-based VX9 could see the reintroduction of a T-bar, which is favoured for street riding. Whatever MGP choose to do here, we’re sure it’ll be legit!

There’s also been speculation over whether the VX9’s release will see the addition of an SCS compression model to the ranks. Whilst most other brands produce SCS clamps nowadays, MGP has always opted for the classic, lighter, HIC and IHC systems. Perhaps the VX9s will be the drop that sees MGP give riders the option to opt for a stronger clamp instead of the lighter option!

VX8 Team LE Neo Hydra

MGP's VX8 Team LE in a sweet Neo/Hydra colourway

One thing that we’re sure to see with the release of the VX9’s is some fire colourways. MGP always come through with a solid range of colourways and limited edition prints for each model and range they release, and we expect no different with the upcoming release of the VX9’s! 

Whatever it is that Madd Gear brings with the February release of the new VX9’s, it’s safe to say that we’re super stoked for them here at SkateHut and we can't wait to add to our already heaving catalogue of Stunt Scooters.

Whilst you wait for the VX9’s to drop, you can grab yourself an MGP VX7 from our huge VX7 sale, or check out the VX8’s while stocks last! 


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